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Moiety: Burned into ashes


I am longing for you,

The one who laudably embraced grief and fiasco,

The one who easily clinged to every thing she wanted to,

The one who pursued dreams and followed every beat of the heart.

I adore the way you lifted the world without minding how heavy it was,

How you chased the impossible ones even the thing that flies- Time

Just to feel alive.

I am missing how you swayed along with the travails of Life.

I miss the days of your triumph and ebb,

The hours of being unrequited,

The minutes of mediocrity,

The seconds of having those curves in your mouth,

that happened to be your Smiles.

I am longing on how you tried to dig the world

grasping for fulgent things

To light up the darkness that enveloped you.

Even how you painted bliss in their hearts

And made them not to forget You.

How you inexplicably found serendipity in the midst of misfortunes.

You were invincible, adamant & scrupulous.

You were.

Where are you?

Wake up!



I had destroyed you.

I had lost you.

 I cannot find my way back to be YOU once more..

I had burned my moiety.


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