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Bridge under Troubled Water

As I glance on the different shadows and familiar figures around me, I noticed, I am inexplicably searching for something that really bothered my inner peace this past few days. Well, I am a self-proclaimed watchful spectator in my own ways. I am fond of watching people’s faces and actions, I mean, I used to like observing people like a hobby, tracing my vision from their eyes and so on like a painted canvass that has different interpretations. Yes, it was bizarre, but I found it so interesting to do, not to creep you, but I’m doing it like a routine. This time I found myself in something brownish, not so enormous, deep, rigid, strong but ramshackle part of someone, it feels like I am seeing the kind of life and emotions all in one setting. I am quietly looking on someone’s window to its soul- her eyes. At first point, her eyes were plain as it should be but transparent. I could feel the touch of  terrible sadness that envelop her inside. Yes, I know this so well for she was…..

a friend of mine.

Curious and unsatisfied. I decided to be on point of unraveling the reasons of those ambiguous eyes. There were times of reading between the lines, directing to particular uncertainties and doubts that gave not only the hypothesis but the conclusion and generalization. I lend a heart to hear and a hand to help. Finally, I decided to say a word but ended up desolated because of the talk.  In cases like hers, it takes two to work. Fighting for something would be much easier if you’re not alone in the battle. Thus, things need to be more vouchsafe and valued until you start to realize if it is still worth having. Maybe, that’s why the world choose those who have flourished more to be with those who feel less, and vice versa- to replenish the differences and shortfalls of each other. Now, I did find the answer. The very palpable reason why people became so hype and complete, the same reason why they also feel so devastated and shattered, it was both the ecstasy and the kryptonite. I forgot but yes, I knew…

It’s because of love. It probably was.


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