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Angels on the surface

Hell week have served us so well by of all those stuffs embracing the final requirements. It was holiday but I was with my everyday-companions, my classmates. The day seemed so tiring, loaded and unbearable one that all I wanted to do was to find my way back home. As I tried to relax and have some chitchats with my closest gals, I have heard something which caught me off guard….

“Hoy, Tomboy ka? Mag uyab mo no?”

I felt that a sudden heat have risen up to the peak of my head, I turned and I lied as I say,

OH! NGANO MAN? Of course, I was just trying to annoy the creature.

“Sige daw be, kiss daw mo.” it replied.

Gago ka? Hoy guys, Bantayi inyong gamit!

“Di man mi kawatan!” the other one replied.

As I watch clearly to the ones who have uttered the words. Goodness for heaven sake!

She was a child. I mean, children for she was accompanied by someone. Little innocent children who have crude mouths!

I thought of the scenario of them as being just the typical dirty street children who ran errands in parks and would beg for money or even steal. But the last statement gave a pang in my heart for couple of seconds. I felt the guilt boiling up for I thought I might have chosen the wrong rebut of being so stereotypical.  I am struck and dumbfounded. I looked both idiot and guilty.

But where on earth are the parents of these children?

Curiosity hit us. All of a sudden, everything ran swift and clear. Es, one of my closest friends and I did get on our feet, walking towards the children, not to argue but to have some talk. Awkwardness could be the perfect word to build as we started the conversation. Eventually, we got their names and some personal stories, the other one even admitted that he’s a gay in that very young age. In all fairness, they have a great sense of humor but unfortunately, yes, they have tasted so much of this ferocious world.

I have observed the uncomfortable gestures of the children, so I decided to ask what was wrong, they were hesitant but admitted that they were really hungry. The next thing I realized, we were heading to a carenderia to feed their stomachs. I am happy as we held hands together not worrying about the penny we have inside our pockets. I knew, we did not own that much but we wanted to share this ‘less’ we have. I was relieved by the atmosphere, it was so much more brimful than feeding your own stomach, to have them and learned from them- it felt remarkable. It even made me inadvertently neglect the state of being exhausted.

For the past squanderous years I had, I did not try to cross thin line of considering the probability of strangers as the stress relievers and the day savers but indeed, they were exceptional. They were the children who grasped tightly to their dreams. Despite all odds, they were still willing to conquer what life has to fire up.

We were no angels; they were.

Thank you Lilio and Gingging for the change you have brought! It was the best way to end the month. Both of you are little fighters who firmly hold on to your best aspirations. You can be more of those dreams! I could attest to that. (November 30, 2016)


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