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Masochist at its Finest!

                  I have been firmly holding to the dust of old memories with my bare hands, trying to collect everything that I could possibly save and yes, it seemed that I have not inculcate the unfathomable reasons for letting go. I still miss you even though you do not miss me. How unrequited I appear but what else I could get to feel better? I missed your encouraging words that struck directly to the soul. I missed the feeling of having something to look forward at the end of the day. How could I even forget the various sharings of stories? Hearing your tragic days including the laudable ones, it was nostalgic but it felt like home. It was not reciprocated but we had a lot of common denominators which made me long as I thought of our pigging-around times and the odd feeling of us trying to come up with a solution to our dilemmas, it was like we were both waiting for something tough to be over. You were my alter ego. I fought those rigorous days with you, even the broken days, I did rescue myself because of you. I just missed our quests and everything we used to be. I missed the one who taught me to love and to embrace criticisms. I missed my old friend. I missed you, bloke!


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