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You could have been…

Immeasurable depth of emotions might be lethal for people.

Some are too shallow to understand,

Others won’t even bother to let you land,

There are a lot of things inside me,

That I, myself, would like to be free.

People always have this in mind-

It is indispensable to look strong,

But am I?


I am the dismantled I-could-have-beens.

I am the unexpected opposite of what I look and do.

I am the fruit of life deprivations.

I am no good for reviviscence.


Faces don’t always reciprocate the heavy hearts

nor the flourished ones.

It is, indeed, the corroded facts of my own.

You know, people could have been more attached,

‘Coz I always have myself to be the one who does,

Instead of showing the neglectful actions,

You could have been more welcoming,

You could have been more rescuing,

People, you could have been the haven for the unrequited.

You could have been the arm that embraces the failed one.

You could have reached those who’s trying to leave,

You could have, at least, cradled someone’s unfathomable grief.

You could have been more persistent to the deteriorating one…

These people around me could help,

But again, they aren’t always the one who will.

You could have saved me.


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