Lethally Corroded Facts!

Just in case you happened to visit the all-abouts of Romelle, I have listed several pleasant and not so fun facts about the lady behind this blog. Feel free to get to know me by reading these things. It will cost you much if you’ll judge me so better not.

  1. Hi, my fullest (kidding) full name is Romelle Palapar Hilamon.
  2. I am lonely ever since I came to this world because I’m an only child.
  3. The world was blurry and inverted on the 2nd day of July 1997.
  4. I am at Camia Route Sand Light The Vow See Tea.
  5. Proud to be Dabaweña
  6. An owner of amplified voice just like a man and they call me transgender. -_- I’m a girl, I’m serious!
  7. Yes, I am clingy (and others don’t like it L)
  8. I love sweets, I am sweet too!
  9. Self-proclaimed spectator of plenty things.
  10. Choleric & Melancholic? Present!
  11. I am struggling to be a future educator who majors in English in a State University.
  12. I am not poor nor rich, the important thing is I eat 3 times or more a day.
  13. No Boyfriend Since Birth (NBSB) not a man hater though
  14. I am a 5’3 lady, fair enough.
  15. I weigh … Okay, let’s not talk about weight. Who’s gonna talk about it? No. Not me!
  16. I appreciate efforts rather than money or material things.
  17. Color bias, indeed! Anything Black, White, Dark Pink and Light blue will do.
  18. Debacles love me!
  19. I always end up alone…

PS: Hey. I will supply more facts as another year adds up to my life but for now, I think, these are enough. I hope it’s nice for you to meet me. Ciao! iAdios!